Prosume Solutions is now partner of Secartys and of its technological clusters

Prosume, a leading company in the development of blockchain solutions applied to the energy sector, is consolidating its presence on the Spanish market thanks to a series of strategic initiatives useful to support and boost the promotion of its services of Energy Data Management.

Prosume is in fact already active in Spain through the implementation of decentralized projects with a strong innovative footprint, as in the case of the Barcelona Energy Community, which allowed the community of Catalan prosumers to immutably record data relating to energy consumption, production, storage and exchange via the blockchain technology.

Today, in light of a great response recorded in the last months with respect to its path of growth, Prosume has therefore signed, through the subsidiary Prosume Solutions SL, important collaboration agreements with some of the main Spanish organizations active in the development of projects of technological innovation.

In fact, Secartys, of which Prosume has become a new member, by more than 50 years is supporting over 1,200 companies with targeted promotional and commercial support activities, through a real ecosystem of associations and technological clusters in the various energy sectors.

Domotys, for example, brings together all the players in the value chain for the sectors of home automation, smart cities, smart building, and industry 4.0; Solartys instead supports the entire solar energy value chain, bringing together manufacturers, distributors, designers, installers and promoters; finally, AEPIBAL operates in Spain with the aim of actively promoting the industrial sector of batteries and energy storage systems, in order to make it more competitive and sustainable, both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to these and to further partnerships currently being defined, from now Prosume has therefore at its side in Spain new and solid allies strongly active in supporting the development of new innovative projects based on blockchain technology for the energy sector.

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