Prosume awarded the “Blockchains for Social Good Prize” from the European Commission

We are honoured to announce that Prosume has been awarded the ‘Blockchains for Social Good Prize” from the European Commission! Our open source and interoperable blockchain solution for sustainable and decentralised energy production and consumption has been selected among almost 200 applications coming from 43 countries worldwide.


The European Innovation Council (EIC) Prize has awarded €5 million to six winners selected in a call to identify scalable, deployable and high-impact blockchain solutions for societal challenges. The winning solutions propose blockchain applications for fair trade and circular economy, increasing transparency in production processes and quality information, improving accountability and contributing to financial inclusion and renewable energy.

I warmly congratulate all the winners. The proposed solutions show how blockchain can create positive social change by supporting fair trade, increasing transparency in production processes and e-commerce and contributing to financial inclusion by exploring decentralised economic structures. I hope that this award can help upscale these outstanding ideas and inspire many others innovators. (Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation Research, Culture, Education and Youth)

This is an important victory for us and the whole renewable energy community: energy was not foreseen in the official prize categories, and we won ex aequo with another company. The energy transition is one of the biggest structural challenges humanity is facing today: our vision is that in the current climate crisis renewables need to be considered a common good (instead of a mere commodity) and that decentralising their production and distribution is crucial to avoid the appropriation of this common good by energy monopolies, which can easily create an artificial scarcity with strong repercussions on social and economic inequalities.


In a world that is increasingly digital – thus dramatically energy-dependent at household level as well as at industrial one, the energy sector transition should be a worldwide priority. Imagine a renewables-based economy, where both the energy and the infrastructure distributing it are considered common goods, just like the streets we walk in. Where privacy, data protection and information security are the backbones of decentralized energy platforms and infrastructures. Where citizens are empowered to make sustainable choices and own their local energy production. This is the world we are building at Prosume. (Alex D’Elia, Founder and President of Prosume)


Due to the magnitude of the material infrastructure needed to run energy production and distribution, decentralisation alone in the energy sector does not guarantee that at the level of governance there will be a shift of power from big players to citizens: indeed, most blockchain projects in the energy market limit themselves to localised tokenisation of energy led by monopolies. Instead, PROSUME addresses the problem of social justice in the energy market by allowing the equal participation of prosumers to energy production and balancing. The centrality of prosumers implies increasing the amount of renewables in circulation, reducing the monopoly of traditional energy players, optimising energy consumption and production, as well as rewarding citizens who produce and consume responsibly. In a word, a true decentralisation.

The Internet of Things, backbone of a new digital third industrial revolution economic model

We are on the cusp of a Third Industrial Revolution based on a new digital technology. The digitized broadband Communication Internet is converging with a digitized Renewable energy Internet, powered by solar and wind electricity, and a digitized Mobility and Logistics Internet of autonomous electric and fuel-cell vehicles, powered by green energy, atop an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, embedded in a zero-emission commercial, residential, and industrial building stock to manage, power, and move society in the twenty-first century.

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Prosume Solutions is now partner of Secartys and of its technological clusters

Prosume, a leading company in the development of blockchain solutions applied to the energy sector, is consolidating its presence on the Spanish market thanks to a series of strategic initiatives useful to support and boost the promotion of its services of Energy Data Management.

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Financing the Third Industrial Revolution

The financing of the transition to a new third industrial revolution business model

The governance of a Third Industrial Revolution will need to rely on a new green banking system that can provide funds to regional and municipal green banks that, in turn, can leverage those funds in securing sufficient financing via the issuing of green bonds to invest in scaled green Third Industrial Revolution infrastructure build-outs.

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A global green new deal

A global green new deal to save the world economy

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2018 report concluded that we only have twelve years left to avoid the environmental catastrophe cutting emission of global warming gases 45% from 2010 levels.

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The Energy Storage system backed by Vargarda

The energy-storage system backed by Vårgårda (Sweden)

A fundamental part of the Third Industrial Revolution focuses on the ability of transforming all buildings into micro-power plants to collect renewable energies on-site and, wherever the source is unreliable, use hydrogen or similar storage technologies to store them.

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Blockchain finally enters the household in an unprecedented energy partnership

From the people behind Prosume comes the all new e-Prosume, a project that will oversee the integration of blockchain into the home through Evolvere’s patented EUGENIO hardware. The significance is global, considering Evolvere’s status as one of the biggest energy aggregators in Italy and in Europe. The partnership aims at building a digital infrastructure for the revolutionary smart grid of the future.

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