What is PROSUME?

PROSUME is an APP dedicated to the members of energy communities that allows them to manage and monitor data related to energy consumption and production.


I forgot my password, how do I recover or change it?

Click on “Forgot Password?” in the APP Login page. Follow the steps, entering your username and tap on “Submit”. If PROSUME recognizes the username, an email will be sent to the email address registered in your profile.


How can I log out of the PROSUME APP?

To log out of the PROSUME APP, you can access the profile section: click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the APP header and tap on “Log out”.


How can I edit my personal data?

To edit your personal data, you can access the profile section: click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the APP header and tap on “Edit Data”. The editable data are first name, last name, email and phone number. Click on “Edit” to complete the process.


How can I change my password?

To change your password, you can access settings: click on “More” at the bottom right of the APP footer, tap on “Settings”, then “Change Password”. You will be asked to re-enter your current password and create a new one, to be written twice. Tap on “Edit” to complete the process.


How do I log in with my fingerprint?

To enable fingerprint access to the APP, you can access settings: click on “More” in the bottom right corner of the APP footer and tap on “Settings”. In the “Security” section, click on the square next to “Enable Touch ID access”. A screen will appear to verify the fingerprint: place your fingertip to confirm your identity and complete the procedure.


How do I monitor my consumption and production?

Access the section “Personal trends” from the Home page and click on the box “Your energy”. From here you can view your total consumption and production, as well as the variation of these variables over time, thanks to a “sliding” graph. Tap on “Filter” to view data related to the period that interests you.


What information about my community can I view?

You can access the “Community” section in two ways: – By clicking on the “Energy Community” box from Home section; – By clicking on the “Community” icon at the bottom, in the footer of the APP. Select the energy community you are interested in. From the main page of the energy community you can:

  • View the community’s name, ID code and Community Manager;
  • View collective consumption and production data for the community and filter the period of interest;
  • Download the contract of the community.


What is the Wallet?

The Wallet allows you to accumulate credit, thanks to your energy virtuous behavior. At the moment it is not possible to accumulate credit but we hope to activate this new feature very soon. We will keep you updated!


What is an Asset?

Assets are objects that consume and/or produce energy and that can be monitored by the PROSUME APP individually. For example, your home meter is an Asset. By accessing the “Personal Trends” section of the Home page, you will find a list of the assets registered in your profile. By clicking on one of them, you will be able to view the data regarding that specific object.